The bond that ties us all, unwavering and as resolute as the very foundation of our Alma Matter, had been and will always be undeniably unparalleled throughout history. The wakes that our fellow alumni left and those that have echoed and still are echoing in the depth of the seven seas are what these pillars of success that we are standing upon are made of.

This is what this site aims. Share us your thoughts of being a proud graduate, tell us your stories. Find your long lost bunkmates, jings and galactic seniors. If you have your pictures when you were just a "poklat,kalbo" or whatever you wanna call it, you can post it here or maybe you would want to post pictures that would tell us what you are now.

Well, of course we wouldn't wanna forget about the cadets ..that is why I added a corps of midshepmen corner in my side bar, just incase they want to take a little pep talk from our fellow graduates out there.

Enjoy your stay..

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